The Serge Ramond Museum

A whispering museum

A visit to the Serge Ramond Museum, named after its brilliant creator, is to listen to the stones silently share with us the day-to-day lives of past men. As unique as the talent of its “stage director”, this museum is a fascinating, subtle blend of art and history: graffiti from the Neolithic Period to the Second World War offers enchanted visitors a chronological and moving “Lascaux”.

The soldiers’ engravings : the museum’s most singular collection

Carved into stone, the messages left by the WWI soldiers communicate their courage and hope for peace. Their cries of fear, of pain, of revolt etch into the marble of our collective memory the piercing refrain “no more war”. Imagining these men, these French, American and German soldiers, sculpting the walls of the dark, cold underground quarries that they used as shelters, camps or hospitals, allows us to explore their dreams and anxieties. They remind us of the inestimable value of regained serenity, of the happiness of living in peace, out in the open air.

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