Discover Gastronomic Events in New Aquitaine

Numerous events are taking place this year in New Aquitaine, cultural, musical and gastronomic. The gourmet festivals are very frequent in the towns and little villages and they are very friendly, allowing you to discover the various traditions here in New Aquitaine.

There is something for everyone!

The Chocolate Festival - Bayonne

For food lovers, the "chocolate festival (External link) " in Bayonne is made for you, it will take place from 27th to 29th October 2017. Visitors will have the chance to head off on the discovery of the artisan chocolatiers of Bayonne by strolling through the streets of the old town. The public will therefore also be able to take part in an introduction to the ancient techniques of chocolate tempering in order to then taste it. Bayonne is the first chocolate city of France. Chocolate was introduced to Bayonne with the arrival of the Jews in the Saint Esprit quarter. They brought the famous recipe for chocolate making with them from the Americas.

La fête de la Jurade - Saint Emilion

For fans of wine and its history, you will have the chance to take part in a tradition which has been going on for many years, the "fête de la Jurade (External link) ". The first "La Jurade" Saint Emilion wine society was founded in 1199 by John, King of England. This society would last until the French Revolution in 1789. However, it was in 1948 that this society would be revived thanks to some wine growers. La Jurade bears the renown of the appellations and to promote the wines of Saint Emilion, it organises an event to celebrate the new harvests.During this event, the public will have the chance to see the procession of the members of La Jurade in traditional costumes and to discover the site of Saint Emilion in the company of local music groups. This festival will take place on 17th and 18th October in Saint Emilion.

The Cognac Festival - Cognac

And for those who like to discover new flavours, there is the "Cognac festival (External link) " in Cognac. This festival will be a chance to discover numerous local culinary specialities, like melons, oysters, mussels and snails. A set menu will be on offer, made up of local produce, essentially coming from local farms. To accompany these dishes, 7 bars will be open so that the public can discover the different wines of Charente, like the Pineau and the Cognac. The bars will provide an opportunity to try these wines in an original way, in the form of cocktails.