Shop fresh products on New Aquitaine's markets

The markets, symbolising the French way of life, have always been appealing to both locals and tourists. In New Aquitaine, practically all the towns organise their own markets. It is a chance to meet and share based around local produce. The residents will do their shopping there for the week and make the most of it to meet their friends. As for the tourists, they take delight in browsing the stalls to discover the regional gourmet specialities in a festive and warm atmosphere.

Market of Périgueux

One of the emblematic markets of New Aquitaine is that of Périgueux (External link) in Dordogne. It is a market which sets up in the main square and the smaller squares of the town, giving you the chance to discover the local heritage (the Saint Front cathedral, etc.), while trying produce like the foie gras, the walnuts, etc.The largest market takes place on Saturday morning, but there are also small markets organised on Wednesday mornings. Périgueux is also renowned for its great marché au gras where you find geese and ducks, foie gras, truffles, etc. Tradition and authenticity are fervently defended there. The marché au gras season takes place from November to March.

Market of Rochefort

Rochefort (External link) , military town housing the Hermione, a replica of the Lafayette boat that set sail for America, also has its traditional market which includes over 100 stalls. For over 3 centuries, the four seasons market and the fish, crustacean and shellfish market have been the preferred meeting places of the residents.

Market of Eymet and Duras

Finally, to make the most of the warm summer evenings, night markets have been put in place in different towns like Eymet in Dordogne and even Duras in Lot and Garonne.Some are mainly artisanal, and others are gourmet night markets. The principle of these markets is simple, everyone picks their menu according to the stands of the producers. It is the chance to enjoy your dish in a pleasant atmosphere accompanied by musical events.