Travel with the train through France with Rail Europe

Dreaming of a tour of France...

Imagine the allure of a place so captivating, and teaming with new tastes and experiences around every corner that it’s recognised as the top gastronomic destination for travellers around the globe.

This is France: with its fine food, enviable lifestyle, and incomparable culture.

All good gastronomic indulgence should be paired with the finest of wines and what better place to combine the two than in the renowned wine regions of France (External link) .

Getting there by train

The high speed TGV connects Paris to over 200 cities within France. In no time, you will find yourself immersed deep in wine country (External link) .

From Paris you can be connected to areas such as Reims (0h40) to begin exploring the Champagne region. Head into Dijon (1h35) to start your journey into Burgundy, and tick the epicurean French destination par excellence of Bordeaux (3h), off your bucket list.

Wherever your adventures take you, the train will take you from the centre of one city to the centre of the next. On your journey, you will be able to enjoy a range of food and beverages from the train’s bar/buffet car or create your own on-board picnic. Ensuring that you will arrive ready for a full day of frolicking and exploring the magnificent French countryside.

And Beyond, with the train to all french destinations!

The train is the simplest, most convenient, and cost effective way to travel from one city to another.

Rail Europe connects you to Europe’s rail network, which is one of the safest and most modern networks in the world, and is your one-stop-shop for rail travel. With more than 250,000 kilometres of tracks and thousands of rail stations, trains will take you everywhere; from main cities to remote villages, from seaside resorts to ski resorts, and even from one country to another!

And France is well equipped to be explored via train as it boasts an extensive rail network and fast, efficient, and comfortable carriages.

So sit back, relax and let someone else do the driving...

Your gastronomic adventures and holidays throughout France start right here on the train.

For more inspirational journeys around France, booking, train ticket or pass information, please visit (External link)