Travelling around France with a disability

Making tourist sites fully accessible is essential for all French destinations today. The national labels ‘Tourisme & Handicap’ and ‘Destination pour tous’ provide info on accessibility in France and where it’s provided. Many associations also have regional or local initiatives in place to help.

Even though establishments haven't always been accessible in France for those with disabilities, making tourist destinations accessible for all is now a definite priority for French cities, towns and regions.

Here are just a few examples of those who have put in place improvements to their facilities to better welcome those travelling with a handicap:

Château de Versailles

Walks for people with reduced mobility. (External link)


Accessible tourism in Auvergne. (External link)


Overseas travel with a disability (to French territories)


The accessible capital.


New spaces for freedom in Languedoc-Roussillon. (External link)