The Islands of Wallis and Futuna: what to do, what to see…

The last overseas territories to join the French republic, the Islands of Wallis and Futuna await you between New Caledonia and French Polynesia in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This amazing destination isn’t on most people’s radar, so be one of the first to explore these volcanic paradise Islands.


• Mount Lulu Fakahega
• Mount Puke
• The Wallis coast road
• The Island of Alofi
• The Futuna coast road
• The archaeological site at Talietumu
• The archaeological site at Tonga Toto
• The Church of Saint Joseph
• The sanctuary of Saint-Pierre Chanel in Poi
• Mata Utu cathedral


• Exercise your biceps by paddling a traditional canoe on Nukuteatea Island
• Gather your thoughts in the peaceful calm of the Loka caves
• Drink kava with the locals as night falls
• Move to the a rhythm of Soamako
• Take part in a Katoaga food distribution ceremony
• Take a magical dive and relax on the deserted beaches of Nukuhione and Nukuhifala
• Take a plunge in the salt water of Lalolalo crater lake
• Feast your eyes on the beauty of the Islands as you sail on the lagoon
• Take in the thousands of different colours of the Wallis Lagoon from a microlight
• Play boules (lipulu) with the children of Futuna

Getting to Wallis and Futuna