The royal Château of Blois

The royal Château of Blois

The Royal Château of Blois is the first important place to discover as you come from Paris. It is a true synthesis of the art and history of the Loire Valley châteaux, and makes it an ideal introduction for your visit.
The rich architecture of the four different wings echoes the diversity of styles of the many châteaux built in the Loire Valley from the Middle Ages to the 17th Century. From the courtyard, you can admire the different periods of French architecture ranging from the Gothic style to Renaissance to Classicism.
The Royal Château of Blois was the residence of seven french kings and ten queens. As a seat of power, it is a summary of Court life during the Renaissance.

Every evening from April to September, discover a wonderful Sound and Light show : Find yourself in the heart of a magical and colorful show evoking the famous moments in the history of the Château... Special sound and light effects bring to life the grandiose architecture of the courtyard.

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Château Royal de Blois
Place du Château
41 000 Blois
+33 (0)2 54 90 33 33


Place du Château, 41000 BLOIS