24 hours at the Maison Nô, in Lyon

This new hotel in Lyon opened last fall on the Presqu'île, quickly becoming the ideal HQ to discover the city. Between design and street art, the four-star hotel has many surprises in store, starting at the top with its rooftop terrace, which offers one of the most beautiful views of the city. It’s time for 24 hours in Lyon!

10 AM - Make yourself at home

This new hotel in Lyon bears his name well—from the door, it feels like home. If there's any wait to retrieve the key to your room, install yourself in one of the comfortable sofas of the lobby. Be sure to take the opportunity to admire the architecture of the building, a former bank built in 1881.

10:30 AM – The wow effect

The brave ones who decide to skip the elevator are rewarded—in the staircase you can find a monumental fresco of urban art. To color the six floors of the hotel, from the basement to the roof terrace, more than thirty artists worked together. You are so starry-eyed by the art that you forget how winded you are!

11h00 AM – Urban design

Enjoy a quiet break in the room before going to walk along the streets of Lyon. Decorated in neutral and relaxing tones, the 45 rooms, all different, were designed as lodgings rising around the two atriums of the hotel. Note the design touch present in all the rooms and the lobby: the Lampe Nô, designed especially for the establishment to be entirely versatile in order to adapt to the uses of every vistior.

12 AM - Discovering Lyon

Come take the pulse of Lyon—beloved restaurants, the Hôtel de Ville, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Opéra National are all nearby. Maison Nô, located in the Presqu'île district, is located in the vibrant heart of Lyon. Take the opportunity to discover one of its new restaurants and walk along the quays, between Rhône and Saône.

5 PM - Take a break

After visiting the city, relax in the sauna. Or, sportsmen can take advantage of the fitness room under a glass roof. The final option is the private lounge on the 3rd floor of the property, a great place to read, listen to music or just take in the city.

7:30 PM - Dinner with a view

Climb to the Rooftop, the hotel’s restaurant perched on the 6th and top floor, to enjoy the sunset from the terrace over one of the most beautiful panoramas of the city, then head to dinner inside. The concept of the menu? Sharing. Crispy shrimp, candied duck nuggets and even caramelized pork ribs are some favorites to enjoy with the city as a backdrop.

9:30 AM - Head in the sky

After a night in Lyon, greet the day with a breakfast served on the terrace. Time seems to stand still during a lovely meal while gazing out to Fourvière Hill in the distance. One cup of coffee, then another, then set out into Lyon once again.

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