Lyon, the capital of gastronomy

The capital of gastronomy and home of Paul Bocuse, one of France’s most celebrated chefs, Lyon is blessed with an incredibly diverse range of food. This is thanks to its geographic location as a hub for regions offering top-quality produce and the excellence of its talented and creative chefs. With more than 4000 restaurants, Lyon offers a wide variety of cuisines to suit all budgets, from the “bouchon”, a traditional Lyonnais restaurant, to Michelin-starred restaurants, along with modern bistros and hundred-year-old brasseries.

Les bouchons Lyonnais

Bouchons Lyonnais are characteristic bistros with a welcoming ambience, which act as a showcase for the city’s specialities. They have their origins in traditional home cooking, when the “Mères lyonnaises”, the cooks for middle-class families, opened their own businesses after the French Revolution. At that time, they served food to both workers and bosses, in a family atmosphere.
Nowadays, you can enjoy full-flavoured and hearty food in an authentic setting!

Today, the Bouchons Lyonnais Label is awarded to the best addresses in Lyon!

Unmissable Lyonnais specialities

The Halles Paul-Bocuse, an indoor market and true temple of gastronomy, will take you on a journey through the regions surrounding Lyon and allow you to buy from passionate farmers and producers. The market offers visitors the opportunity to taste the best local specialities such as Saint-Marcellin (cheese), Rosette (sausage) and the famous Quenelles, accompanied by a glass or two of regional wine. The perfect place to find a few authentic souvenirs to take home!

La Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie

Located inside the Hôtel-Dieu, a recently renovated historic city centre building, the International City of Gastronomy will offer visitors a 4-floor educational and interactive “taste trail”. Tasting workshops and fun events will appeal to your senses, creating a visit that focuses on food as a source of enjoyment and good health.
A new location for exploring the identity and history of Lyonnais cuisine and one that will contribute to the influence and recognition of Lyon as the capital of gastronomy.
Come and visit us in Autumn 2019!

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Come to visit Lyon with Emirates (External link)
Customers traveling on Emirates can look forward to the highest levels of care and comfort, they will enjoy regionally inspired chef-prepared meals as well as a variety of complimentary beverages and fine wines. Last August, Emirates introduced two additional Boeing 777 flights between Lyon and Dubai, allowing the Lyonnais airport to be served daily by the airline.