Arts and Delicacies route

Dedicated to the food and local crafts lovers, to the curious or lovers of living, the route des arts et des gourmandises de Provence (route of arts and delicacies of Provence) offer the opportunity to meet almost 200 talented professionals in their shops or in the privacy of their workshops; two itineraries built around crafts and specialties to taste, for the pleasure of the senses and the taste of everything wonderful. The craft route offers selections among the best craftsmen of Provence to discover exceptional crafts, unsuspected talents, amazing techniques and original creations, such as the * Forge of Pernes les Fontaines, where Jean Philippe Fally uses his know-how for classical and contemporary ironworks, requiring mastery and creativity. The path of the gourmands is marked with forty sweet specialties and as much know-how, enough to surprise your taste buds for miles!

Under the palate of colors and fragrances of Provence, orange blossom, lemon, fig, lavender or mimosa melt into amazing pleasures. The success and the unexpectedness of these itineraries also reside in the encounter with men, women and enthusiasts who welcome visitors and share with them a bit of their history thus making these journeys unique and tasty experiences.