Citroen’s Cit-In @Cowra NSW, celebrating this iconic French marque in Australia

Citroens are holding CIT-IN, their national annual rally in Cowra NSW from March 25 -
28th 2022.

National rallies have been held in Australia for over more than 50 years. Starting in 1968, events were held by Citroen owners in NSW including motorkhanas and other events. By 1973 members and cars were gathering from Victoria, South Australia, Queensland as well as NSW.

Competitions were strong. The days when Motorkhana’s were allowed saw these
beautiful vehicles flying through the dirt and dust, weaving through witches hats, precision driving and speed tests. Today we are no longer allowed such fun for safety reasons. Other team competitions, Show and Shines and Observation Runs keep participants busy. The presence of these cars in regional towns and country roads is spectacular in its own right, and draws crowds to display days and runs.

Citroen’s Cit-In at Cowra Nsw 25 and 26 March 2022 2
©Citroen’s Cit-In at Cowra Nsw

By the late 1970s the first of the CIT-IN trophies had arrived for Motorkhanas formalising the event and the competition was well underway.

Each year the events rotate among all states, including WA as well as those above. The trip across the Nullarbor from the eastern states, being part of the fun of the event. More locally pre or post rallies are usually held in the Eastern States.

Citroen’s Cit-In at Cowra Nsw 25 and 26 March 2022 3
©Citroen’s Cit-In at Cowra Nsw

A brilliant collection of these iconic French vehicles gather each year to show their wares. From Tractions Avant to the most recent. Certainly the D series and 2CVs are in abundance. This year Shannon’s Show & Shine will be held at Cowra Showgrounds on Saturday morning, 26th of March.

The baton has passed from Victoria in 2021 to NSW. The event will be held in Cowra NSW.