Exploring words and ideas in the city of light

Give yourself or someone you love, a special gift this spring. Join Nomads Secrets’ luxury literary tour of Paris from June 8 to 15, 2020 led by former New York Times cultural correspondent and renowned author Alan Riding, who settled in the French capital 30 years ago.

In his company you will experience guided tours of the final resting places of France’s greatest writers in the Pantheon and the Père Lachaise cemetery as well as visits to their homes. You will dine with illustrious guest- speakers, who will recount how two generations of foreign writers, from Ernest Hemingway and James Joyce to James Baldwin and Edmund White, were drawn to Paris by its spirit of individual and intellectual freedom. A leading French novelist will in turn share her experience of contemporary French literature, dominated by such writers as the Nobel literature laureate Patrick Modiano and the current literary enfant terrible, Michel Houellebecq.

Alan Riding, a veteran correspondent whose most recent book, And The Show Went On, explores cultural life in Nazi-occupied Paris, has always been fascinated by the prominent role that writers and intellectuals have played in France since the time of the Sun King, Louis XIV. From Voltaire and Rousseau in the 18th century and Balzac and Victor Hugo in the 19th century to Camus and Sartre in the 20th century, these thinkers have exercised immense influence over French life and European culture. Then, for literary purity, in Marcel Proust France can boast arguably Europe’s most revered novelist.


On this tour, whether at the Palais Royal, where Colette wrote her popular novels, or Jean Cocteau’s country home near Fontainebleau, whether visiting the Picasso Museum or attending a performance of “Rigoletto” at the Paris Opera, we will explore how culture permeates everything in France. This, after all, is a country where every autumn over 500 new novels are published. And in the weeks that follow, writers and critics engage in fierce debate as to which work is most deserving of one of the half-dozen literary prizes on offer. Even more significant, unlike many Western capitals, Paris is a city where bookshops still prosper, crowding the Left Bank and, in the case of the legendary bouquinistes, lining the banks of the Seine.

Put simply, on this exclusive tour, lovers of literature, culture and l’art de vivre will feel they have come home.
The tour is expertly organised by bespoke travel designer Nomads Secrets and Bookoccino, the popular bookshop in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, NSW.

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