Flea market in Saint-Ouen Paris

Quirky and full of secrets, historic and artistic, a city of food and fun, Paris is a thousand things all at once, with an endless wealth of unexpected wonders.

Whether you want to party or learn to cook, travel by limousine or by hot-air balloon, play at being an urban explorer or relax in the home of a Parisian, you’ll find that Paris is a never-ending adventure off the beaten track.

Paris is a continual journey of discovery.

However often you visit, there is always some new facet of the French capital to uncover.

Seine Quais © Mary Quincy
Seine Quais in Paris © Mary Quincy

Entertaining, interactive guided tours explore a wide range of themes, from games and shows to music, with apps and websites devoted to the city’s eclectic charms.

Unusual and little-known aspects of Paris are even more fascinating when recounted by knowledgeable guides with colourful anecdotes to tell and a list of great places to see.

Champ de Mars - @ Ville de Paris - Jean-Baptiste Gurliat
Champ de Mars - @ Ville de Paris - Jean-Baptiste Gurliat

Paris, a multifaceted city, is revealed through design, art, ecology, photo workshops, wine tasting and cinema trails.

Explore every little corner of Paris at your own path: on the water, in the air, underground, on foot or on two or four wheels, and marvel at the myriad facets of this wonderful city.