Culinary Delights in Marseille

Bouillabaisse in Marseille

Today the world of gastronomy is breaking codes, reinventing, renaming, resuscitating, and revamping, never totally sticking to what was done before.
Capital of Gastronomy in 2019, Marseille does not go against the new food diktats. It has even risen to the top of the list of ‘Best Dining Destinations’.
Off the beaten track and far from local clichés and tourist traps, in Marseille we eat authentically without chichi * …except when eating chichis frégis. (without making manners)


Once considered a working class dish and the preserve of fishermen's families, this simple, family-friendly recipe is nowadays much fancier, with prized types of fish such as anglerfish or Saint Pierre in the mix today. A helpful tip, and the secret of the recipe: when it boils… lower (the heat)! (Pun on 'bouille', to boil, and « baisse » to lower).


A complete dish of cod, potatoes, green or white beans, carrots and
whelks. It is enjoyed with a garlic-flavoured mayonnaise, which gives it its name. To be eaten on Friday in many bars and restaurants.

Panisses adn Chichi

Chart your course for Estaque to order these artisanal, homemade specialties :
the legendary panisses are made from chickpea flour, cut into slices, and fried in oil. For sweet tooths, order the chichis frégis: a cross between a donut and a churro that is a true treasure!

A look back at the true history of the pizza truck

In 1962, the first pizza truck in the world was born ... in Marseille!

Already well anchored in the city’s culinary customs since the great wave of Italian immigration at the end of the 19th century, pizza was garnished with Provençal tomatoes and cooked in a wood fire in taverns along the Vieux-Port. In 1962 this specialty left the Italian quarter and hit the road, aboard the first pizza truck driven by Marseille’s Jean Meritan.
It’s a story that could very well be told by Ézéchiel Zérah. He’s the journalist behind The Camion Pizza Project: His motto: “Rule numero 1: whomever has not tried at least three pizza trucks is not truly a Marseillais.”


Invented by Paul Ricard in 1932, the recipe for Pastis de Marseille features many botanicals, including anise, badian and fennel; the drink is served chilled, and is to be savoured with friends, in moderation, and preferably in Marseille.

The Navettes

For over 200 years, the secret recipe for this orange blossom biscuit has been jealously guarded.

Specialty from Marseille - the Navettes © OTCM
Specialty from Marseille - the Navettes © OTCM