Discover Culture in Paris

With an incomparable heritage of historic sites, amazing museums and iconic monuments, Paris is a dream destination for visitors in search of places to discover. But Paris is even more than that : Paris has established itself as a leading capital for international contemporary creation with the opening and renovation every year of public and private venues devoted to artistic creation : museums, new art galleries, acclaimed trade shows and exhibitions of upcoming artists.

Paris is also a city that is constantly changing and innovating in terms of architecture and design.

Street Art in Paris  © Antoine Buchet
Street Art in Paris © Antoine Buchet

An open-air architectural capital, Paris is a reference in these fields and combines the grandeur of Haussmann buildings with audacious contemporary creations and the most contemporary types of architecture.

Last but not least, Paris has had cinema in its genes for more than a century.

The City of Paris remains active in supporting art house cinema as it changes over to digital format.

Pompidou © Creatividie - Elodie Gutbrod
Pompidou © Creatividie - Elodie Gutbrod

Cinema is also promoted through art galleries and there are numerous art house cinemas all over the city to choose from.

With some 500 films every week for all types of publics, Paris is also an inspiration to film-makers.