Guillaume Brahimi, Things I love about France

Award-winning chef guillaume brahimi is a native of paris but has called Australia home since the early 1990s. When not directly overseeing the team at his three restaurants, or writing about cooking, he spends time with his family and indulges his passion for rugby.

1. Highlights of your past projects with the French Rugby Team?

I was lucky enough to cook for them in 2003 and during the 2007 World Cup, whipping up anything the coaches or players needed to help with their game preparations. Celebrating their win over New Zealand afterwards is a memory I will cherish forever.

2. What is it that makes French cuisine so special?

I love the French way of life and its focus on seasonality. Go to any village market or town in France and it’s a celebration of the season. Every weekend, the market changes.

Marché Paris
©Paris Tourist Office

3. Favourite foodie destinations in Paris?

There are too many to mention, but I believe there’s nothing better than to wander a Paris market. Or visit your corner boulangerie – on any street corner in Paris. Get a croissant in the morning and be amazed!


4. Top three places to eat in regional France?

Beaune Market in Burgundy is sensational. There are little wine shops where you can taste pinot noir, Chablis and chardonnay; stalls where you can buy a little goat’s cheese.

5. Favourite French wine?

Every French wine is so different. Some vineyards are on the east side of a hill; some get the sun in the morning or afternoon. That makes for a completely different wine.


6. French food trends that Australian diners must try?

The greatest movement in the food world now is local sourcing. Get your produce from within 50, 60, or 100 kilometres from home, and follow the seasons. Support the people around you who are part of your terroir.

7. Something you’re into right now?

I’m passionate about sustainability and minimising wastage – buying at the right time, or from growers direct. There’s nothing better than buying berries with hands that are red from picking.
 Photographer Amélie Dupont
©Paris Tourist Office - Photographer Amélie Dupont

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