International gastronomy: French restaurants top “La Liste”

On 17 December, the new international gastronomy rankings known as “La Liste”, which recognises the best 1,000 restaurants around the world, was unveiled at the Quai d’Orsay in the presence of Laurent Fabius, the French Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Development. With 116 restaurants represented, France is second in terms of the number of gastronomic restaurants featuring on the list. The three chefs with the most awards are also French.

French gastronomy is honoured

La Liste is the world’s leading ranking list for international gastronomy, based on a fair and transparent system compiled from numerous guides and online review websites to honour the world’s best 1,000 restaurants.

The countries with the most representation in the list are Japan and France, with over 100 addresses each. It is important to note, however, that although France is second in the list of 1,000 top restaurants, it jumps ahead of Japan into first place when analysing the world’s top 250, 100 and 50 restaurants.

The restaurants Guy Savoy (Paris), Maison Troisgros (Roannes) and the Auberge du Vieux Puits (Fontjoncouse) all feature in La Liste’s top 10, in 4th, 8th and 9th places respectively.

In addition, the three chefs honoured most on the list are all French: Joël Robuchon (11 restaurants), Alain Ducasse (7 restaurants and Pierre Gagnaire (7 restaurants).

A fair and transparent system

  • The listing, harmonisation and compilation of scores awarded by close to 200 guides and online review websites for several thousand restaurants.
  • Scores relating to wine lists, service and the setting are also taken into account.
  • Feedback from approx. 150,000 restaurateurs on the reliability of different guides.
  • The results of this survey, carried out in accordance with strict legal guidelines, determined the relative weight of each guide in the overall score for each restaurant.

Lastly, reviews from the users of participating websites were entered directly, and counted for 25% of the final score awarded.