Kylian Mbappé: “The Women's World Cup in France will be truly unique!”

Kylian Mbappé supports women’s football. The FIFA Women’s World Cup takes place in France from 7 June to 7 July 2019 – and the champion promises a truly memorable occasion of both sport and celebration. Attention visitors and fans…

On the occasion of the Women’s World Cup in France, the world champion takes to the floor to invite visitors to share a “moment unique”. At 20, Kylian Mbappé, who continues to uphold his exceptional player status, hopes that stadiums will be full for this event, which promises to be a great moment of sport and family celebration combined. “Take advantage of this unique moment, because I think it’ll be something you won’t forget,” he declares on video at When Kylian says it, we agree.

The athlete has already managed to integrate this category of artists capable of tipping a match one way or the other and lifting the whole crowd with a single stroke. The winner of the 2018 FIFA World Cup with the Blues knows how to makes thousands of fans happy.

World Cup spirit to revive in the wake of Kylian Mbappé

And with this spirit, Kylian Mbappé hopes that the 24 teams qualified for the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 will seal the deal in France this summer.

Visit France between 7 June and 7 July, especially one of the nine host cities of the Women’s World Cup (External link) : Montpellier, Nice, Valenciennes, Paris, Lyon, Reims, Le Havre, Grenoble and Rennes.