Maison Mumm unveils Grand Cordon

Mumm has long been known for their daring spirit and exciting celebrations, notably with their CEO
(Chief Entertainment Officer), Usain Bolt. With his positive mindset and drive to go beyond his
personal limits, Bolt reflects Mumm’s ambition to shake up the traditional champagne world with
the introduction of the most innovative champagne bottle design in history.

Maison Mumm, with its heritage dating back to 1827, is known around the world for its iconic red
sash. In 1876, George Hermann Mumm introduced the “cordon rouge” to decorate every Mumm
bottle, as a reference to France’s highest civilian award of merit, the Legion d’Honneur, which also
sported a red ribbon.
In the new design, multi-award-winning designer, Ross Lovegrove has reinterpreted the famous icon,
and sculpturally transformed the red ribbon – in a feat of technology – so the signature sash now
appears in vermilion red lacquer scooped into the glass.
The Grand Cordon bottle has an unusually long, slender neck that accentuates the development of
Maison Mumm’s signatory grape, Pinot Noir, and brings to life the cuvées distinctive flavour.
Optional extra about the wine: Mumm Grand Cordon is a bright golden yellow colour, with subtle,
rich bubbles and aromas of ripe fresh peaches and apricots. Tropical notes open into complex
flavours of fresh fruit and caramel that continue into a long, lingering finish.