« Paris tout chocolat » by Alain DUCASSE

The remarkable Alain Ducasse has done it again, this time with sophisticated lunch and dinner cruises aboard his custom vessel, Ducasse sur Seine.

Alain Ducasse and Paris

Pick a Paris landmark, and you can be sure there’s a memorable dining experience nearby – behind the Louvre, nestled beside the Sacre Coeur, facing the Eiffel Tower. Now there’s the new Ducasse sur Seine, giving an elegant lift to the cruising restaurant genre itself.

The seasonal menu interprets favourite classics, such as the recent Lyonnaise warm guinea fowl stuffed with foie gras pâté, or vegetarian cocotte (cookpot) of spelt and violet artichokes.

Continuing the eco-friendly theme, little is wasted in the kitchen. Chefs roast seeds from squash to add flavour to the amuse bouche, or incorporate artichoke leaves and other vegetable trimmings to enhance the flavours.

In case you wouldn’t be able to this remarkable venue anytime soon, you could still try to imitate his unequalled technique with this exclusive recipe:

The delicious recipe of « Paris tout chocolat » with crispy praline

« Paris tout chocolat » with crispy praline - Recipe for 4 people

Components :

  • Crispy praline
  • Chocolate biscuit
  • Dark chocolate (75%) mousse

Ingredients :
200gm praline paste
200gm chocolate sauce

Crispy praline:
60gm praline paste
15gm white chocolate drops
12gm crushed lace pancakes
18gm puffed wheat
14gm cocoa nibs
0,6gm salt

Melt the white chocolate and mix with all the ingredients. Spread the paste in a thin layer with a spoon in a small, round cake tin. Put aside.

Chocolate biscuit:
25gm flour
25gm cornflour
27gm cocoa powder
120gm castor sugar
125g egg whites
120gm egg yolks
55gm butter

Sift the flour, cornflour and cocoa powder. Melt the butter at 40°C.
Beat the egg whites by adding the castor sugar as you go. Gently stir in the yolks with the whites and then the flour, cornflour and cocoa powder. Add butter.
Spread the mixture finely (about 3mm) on baking paper and cook at 180°C for 7 minutes. Leave to cool.
Cut the biscuit the size of the small cake tin and place on the crispy praline.

Dark chocolate (75%) mousse:
70gm milk
6gm sugar
40gm egg yolks
90gm dark chocolate 75%, chopped
70gm thickened cream

Mix the egg yolks with the castor sugar. Heat the milk and cream in a saucepan and add the sugary egg yolks whilst whisking.
Cook like a custard at 83°C and pour over the chopped chocoalte. Mix well to obtain a smooth, creamy texture.
Let cool to 40°C and mix delicately with the cold thickened cream.
Pour over the biscuit and place in fridge.

To decorate :
Remove the chocolate from the tin and cut into portions. Warm the chocolate sauce.
Place a portion in the centre of a plate. Add chocolate sauce on top. Serve with a scoop of hazelnut ice-cream in a small chilled bowl.

More info on Alain Ducasse Paris: https://www.ducasse-paris.com/en (External link)