Picnic Perfect, it’s not just about a meal, it’s about making memories that last a lifetime….

June 21st, first day of summer, the light is stunning on the vineyard from Burgundy on Côte de Beaune…

Why not take our bicycles throught the prestigious vines from Beaune to Santenay?!

20 kilometers from one beautiful village to the next!

Why not just breathe the air, the fresh smell of nature, stay free like a river, enjoy the day peacefully like Burgundian people, just listening the song of the birds, watching the red popies dancing in the tranquil breeze, just relax here in middle of the wonderful vineyard!

In fact, after having tried many of the best restaurants and beautiful terraces of Beaune, today is going to be a Perfect Picnic!

Samantha is a gourmet food specialist! In love with Burgundy, in love with the local products of the region, in love with the active lifestyle, healthy food and artisan products, she makes the perfect picnic for a perfect day! She is going to meet the local producers to select their freshest products of the day, and she takes her inspirtation from the best chefs from all around the world like Yotam Ottolenghi, Mario Batali and of course, the iconic Julia Child!

With all of her Picnics, Samantha is invested in utilizing local, organic products to create the best possible culinary experience for you!

Samantha believes that you deserve the very best, which is why she goes out of her way to source local and sustainable products from artisans who share her belief that less is always more. All of her picnics are made-to-order and prepared with love. As often as possible, she uses biodegradable and compostable packaging in order to reduce the environmental impact and maintain the natural beauty of Burgundy's forests and vineyards for all to enjoy.

Of course, for Samantha a perfect picnic is not only the gourmet contents of your meal (to pick up or delivered to your accommodation), it is also important to find the best scenic spot to enjoy it! Being a lover of Burgundy, married to a local Burgundian man (himself a lover of the region, grand-son of a winemaker and travel agent specializing in Burgundy wine) They have explored together all the area in order to advise you on the best secret spots! Samantha is simply passionate about her business and life, and will be delighted to set up a romantic picnic with a sunset view for you and the person you love!

Yes, it is the first day of summer, the longest day of the year, incredible sunset, quiet and warm evenings, you can hear the bells from the villages echoing, that would be such a wonderful time to make a proposal to the love of your life.

Samantha knows where to best enjoy the sunset, and she will make your table ready, set with beautiful local flowers, candle lights flickering, the bottle of Cremant chilled, and the best local products for a perfect Picnic!

Samantha will arrange a private driver to pick you up at your accommodation, because making a proposal is already enough to plan! Samantha will make sure that everything is impeccable for this special day!

Before falling in love with fresh, nutritious cuisine, Samantha used to work as real estate paralegal in Boston. Always behind her computer and calculator, putting together stressful closings worth millions of dollars for her clients. In 2011, she decided she had enough to spend her days behind a computer screen, surrounded by four walls every day – that is not a fulfilling life! Leaving New England behind, she opened a small restaurant and bakery on the Caribbean island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands and never looked back…until the desire to travel and expand her knowledge struck, and she discovered Europe and its gastronomy and wines. During a trip to Burgundy, she met her husband, a kindred spirit from Beaune, and they quickly fell in love with each other!

Now that they have settled on a life together in Beaune, he is leading wine tours of the region and she is offering her fresh Picnics to visitors and locals alike.

Coming soon, a small location in Beaune’s historic city center where Samantha, also a chef patissiere, will be offering herunique American desserts to Les Beaunois and visitors.

La vie est belle!