Tables & Saveurs Bretagne: a tasteful network!

37 Chefs, 37 Restaurants, 37 Passions…

The best restaurants in Brittany cultivate sincerity and authenticity to offer you the best culinary experience.

Tables & Saveurs de Bretagne was created in 1990 by Chefs who were eager to write a piece of the history of Breton gastronomy.

Their asset : unique restaurants with shared values : work, rigor, love of the product, and sharing.

Sharing is precisely what allowed the association to persist and to keep its promises for over 25 years.

Through Tables & Saveurs de Bretagne, you will discover a designer cuisine, both creative and respectful.

The members of Tables & Saveurs de Bretagne have a shared philosophy for showcasing the regions cuisine by using the best local produce, sourced direct from local farmers and fishermen. They truly care about where the produce has come from and know the journey each item has taken from field to fork, and are motivated by the desire to guarantee a level of quality that is clearly rendered in the plates of the lucky hosts.

Customers will be delighted by what they serve in their restaurants, from the beautiful presentation to the mouthwatering tastes, brilliantly combining tradition and modernity, resulting in a truly unique culinary experience.

Some of the Chefs from Tables & Saveurs de Bretagne take sharing even further, by performing the presentation of the dishes in front of the customers. It’s the case at La Butte, in the Abers river valleys, where the dining room is equipped with screens broadcasting all the action going on in the kitchen! In Saint-Brieuc, in the restaurant Aux Pesked, the Chef puts the final touch to your plates in the middle of the dining room, eager to be close to his hosts.On the Pink Granite Coast, at Le Manoir de Lan Kerellec, Mathieu Kergoulayplays a mostly gluten free cuisine, marked by a true mastering of all sorts ofseaweeds, which accompany every dish with finesse and creativity.

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