Dart around Europe from France

It’s no secret, we LOVE exploring Europe!

We love being able to so easily and conveniently dart around the continent at any time; and we love it even more when there’s a bargain or few involved! One pro tip you might want to consider the next time you’re booking Europe is to base your clients in France – Paris in particular. Why? Because not only is it a stunning city which cannot be missed, it’s also serviced by a multitude of carriers connecting travellers to the rest of the continent and the UK.


From Paris, you can easily connect to Germany and the Benelux region including Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Schiphol Airport, Aachen, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Cologne or Dortmund in only a few short hours. And currently, Thalys is offering travellers savings of up to 45% off one-way on 1st and Premier Class fares. Starting from AU$82, you will need to book by 28 Feb and travel completed between 31 Mar and 31 May 2019.

France-Spain High-Speed

Paris to Barcelona is only about six hours on the France-Spain High Speed service. There are many other connections between the two countries and if you are planning breakfast in France and dinner and Spain or vice versa, then it’d be wise to take advantage of the current 30% discounts when booking by 27 Feb. Travel must be completed between 14 Feb and 26 Jun 2019.


If you’d like to hop over to London on a day trip or anywhere the Eurostar will take you (Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam or Disneyland Paris for example), then trust us, you do not want to miss out up to 30% savings on your one-way fares. Starting from AU$73 in Standard and AU$163 in Standard Premier, you need to book by 4 Mar 2019 and travel between 4 Mar and 9 Sep 2019.

Eurail Global Pass

For larger itineraries, you might want to get yourself a 1st Class Eurail Global Pass that is currently and generously priced at 2nd Class rates. You read that right! This is the delicious champagne at beer prices you have been waiting for! The upgrade is across the board for adults, youth and senior travellers, so don’t forget to book by 28 Feb 2019. Travel for this promotion is to be completed by 16 May 2019.

So there you have it, a host of autumn rail deals that you should be taking advantage of while planning a European escape for your clients!

For more travel inspiration and information on France Rail Passes and tickets, head to agents.raileurope.com.au (External link) where you can use the destination guide (External link) and the multi-city search to help with the trip planning.