La Cantine : The new place to be at the Guesthouse « les Chambres de l’Imprimerie » in Beaune

Les Chambres de l'Imprimerie offers Bed & Breakfast style accommodation in an unusual setting: a printing works. The rooms are spacious and decorated in a sophisticated, modern style.
New to come in 2019: La Cantine – a space dedicated to cooking and tasting for locals and tourists alike.

To cook ... taste, smell, learn, share, make sense of our terroir, of the seasons ... that's what La Cantine’s rock'n roll team offers to experiment!
Embark on the adventure of authentic yet contemporary cuisine.
At La Cantine, we cook while having fun, we discover and rediscover our local treasures, we meet the producers, we learn techniques and tips, we remember our own childhood memories, and then we create ...

Conviviality and sharing are the team's guideline.
With friends, with your loved one or with your family, come and have a good time cooking ...

On the menu: Workshops every day, for all tastes.

La cantine de l'imprimerie