Shall we dance?

Running out of inspiration to keep the kids busy? While waiting for your next vacation in France, let them discover the art of French dancing! Travel through the history of ballet with the Paris Opera, learn about hip-hop or exercise your talents as a choreographer with the Maison de la Danse de Lyon—we'll take you behind the scenes of dance, right up to the rooftops of the Opéra Garnier!

Introduction to the world of ballet with the Paris Opera House

What is the relationship between electro music and ballet? Find out on Answers with Aria, the Paris Opera's new digital platform (on mobile and tablet), ideal for a family introduction to the art of choreography! Videos, portraits and quizzes in French and English—guided by a chatbot, the world of dance will open up for you and the little ones.

Want to explore the world of star dancers even further? Let's sneak backstage with the 3rd scene videos: marvelling at the the arabesques of an atomic ballet in a futuristic Palais Garnier and following the ascent of a pair of dancers from the cellar of the Opéra Bastille to the rooftops of Paris. You'll find out that dance is also a journey!

Aria Platform (External link)
Clinanem - 3rd scene (External link)
Ascension - 3rd scene (External link)

Learn hip-hop with the Parc de La Villette

Are the kids dying to play ball with friends? Make the wait a little more bearable with soccer hip-hop session put online by the Parc de La Villette! Raise your arms, turn around and turn around and move your hips in rhythm: the "Bal en rond" tutorial, presented by Mourad Merzouki, a pillar of French hip-hop, is so playful that even the big kids will want to get into the dance!

And to hone your skills while you're waiting to chase the ball around, don't miss the shows posted online every Saturday on Facebook by the artists put on at La Villette. Put on the jersey and let's go!

Bal en rond of Mourad Merzouki (External link)
La Villette (External link)

Playing choreographer with the Maison de la Danse de Lyon

How about we slip into the ballet flats of a choreographer? This is what My Dance Company, a video game put online on the Numeridanse platform coordinated by the Maison de la Danse de Lyon (in French and English) offers. The opportunity to learn a few tricks in the art of choreography: size of the stage, location of the show, choice of movements and more!

Need more inspiration? Budding artists can draw on Numeridanse's unique collection of more than 3,000 videos, filmed shows, documentaries and fiction, dedicated to all genres, from classical dance to circus arts and African dances!

My Dance Company (External link)