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3 artisans reinventing French jeans

Explore France from home

Three French novels that bring the South of France to life

Explore from your living room

Escape onto the Cathar trail with Jérémy Banel

History out loud in Nîmes

48 hours of history in Nîmes

5-minute guides

The 5-minute essential guide to the truffle


Ingres Bourdelle: a new life for a unique museum

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At the Viguier du Roy Hotel in Figeac, you can almost hear the ancient walls talk

Monumental masterpieces

Montpellier, a gem for architecture lovers

Discover new places

6 villages worth visiting in the Dordogne valley

Meet a stargazer

“Spending the night at the Pic du Midi is an unforgettable experience”

Near the iconic Pont du Gard

How to spend 24 fabulous hours at the Hotel Le Vieux Castillon in the Gard


MoCo: into the heart of contemporary art in Montpellier

Exceptional place

24 hours at the Château de Drudas, Occitanie

Grape's other nectar

Handmade vinegar from Languedoc: Laurent Faure, from vineyard to bottle

Meet the Giants

In the footsteps of the pioneers of the Toulouse Aeropostale

Sail on the canal

Explore French culture alongside the Canal du Midi

Room and board

Our 10 favorite places around Albi

Stylish flea marke

Le Lez, a market in Montpellier like no other

A historical journey

5 experiences in Tarn that will take you back in time

Behind the lights #1

Glove-making: French savoir-faire for the skin

Roman remains

Nimes celebrates its ancient heritage with a new Museum of Roman History


Occitanie: what to do, what to see...

Art and craft

The Pyrenees National Park in France


The art of surprise: Avignon

Spa and wellbeing

Spa destinations and hotels in France in Bordeaux, Paris, Biarritz, Auvergne, Loire Valley


Explore these 5 top sailing and cruise destinations in France

Feel Toulouse

Spa and wellbeing

Occitanie in the South of France, your wellness and spa destination

City breaks

Perpignan, the Catalan City in the South of France