Cabaraparis from Christian Louboutin: a celebration of Paris

They say there’s no place like home and for Christian Louboutin, that place is Paris. Paying tribute to his hometown and long-time source of inspiration, the designer launches the signature tote : the CABARAPARIS.

Cabaraparis collaboration work from Christan Louboutin & Hélène Tran

The fifth of Christian Louboutin’s Cabas series, the CABARAPARIS marks the first artist collaboration, with previous styles paying tribute to the craftsmanship of skilled artisans from all over the world, including Mexico, Portugal, Manila and Africa. For the CABARAPARIS, Christian commissioned Hélène Tran, a talented illustrator and close friend, to capture the essence of his beloved city.

Cabaraparis by Christian Louboutin
Cabaraparis by Christian Louboutin © Christian Louboutin Australia

“I met Hélène around 30 years ago when she was working for French Vogue. Creatively speaking we’re very much on the same page. The collaboration started with a discussion and then I gave her carte blanche. She’s an artist, but also an artisan in a sense, because technique is incredibly important to her work. We share that vision of the imaginary Paris, a sort of fantasy version of the city. I love that she knows exactly how to bring those timeless Parisian characters to life and capture the essence of Paris in a few brushstrokes.”!

-Christian Louboutin

Cabaraparis By Day n' By Night

Available in two precious styles, each embellished with strass crystals, the CABARAPARIS depicts the two sides of the city: Paris by day, and Paris by night. Featuring a series of scenes in Hélène’s inimitable signature style, each of the CABARAPARIS’ five printed neoprene panels pays tribute to some of the city’s most emblematic moments and monuments.

Ça c'est Paris

On the CABARAPARIS DAY, the crazy pit stop journey through Paris (External link) begins with Le baiser de l'Hotel de Ville, as seen through the Louboutin lens. One of the most iconic photographs of the 20th century, it has become synonymous with Paris as the city of love (External link) . In a typically Louboutin twist, a giant red-soled Corset stiletto pump presides majestically over Place Vendôme’s myriad prestigious jewelry boutiques.

Elsewhere, a chimera with beautiful lips and long legs flees manically through the streets of Paris on Christian Louboutin’s red scooter, a crazy streetlamp in hot pursuit. As we cross the Place de la Bastille, a signature Louboutin pump is being crowned the new Queen of Paris. Elsewhere, we find the city’s landmarks including, of course, the Eiffel Tower, dotted throughout a dreamscape map of Paris. And finally, what tribute would be complete without a declaration of love? Peek inside the CABARAPARIS DAY and you’ll see that the lining is made of Christian’s love letters to Paris, the city of lovers, artists, writers, poets and singers.

Paris la nuit ?

As the sun sets, it’s time for the CABARAPARIS NIGHT to shine. Phantasmagorical chimeras enchant and lure Christian, turning him into a Parisian sphinx, half human, half leopard. Over at the Galerie Véro-Dodat, the Loubirevue cabaret is getting ready to dazzle the audience with its nightly show. Later, the cabaret performs its best act, the grand tourbillon finale to rave reviews. Up in the inky blue sky, the CL star twinkles mischievously, embellished with strass ornaments that light up the Pont Alexandre III for all the lovers out on a midnight stroll. On rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, the Maison’s flagship boutique illuminates the darkened streets, drawing in curious passersby and fans of the Maison alike. Inside the bag, a shoe-obsessed Christian in feline form meows, “T’shoes me!”.

A whirlwind of imagination and storytelling, the CABARAPARIS collection will be available worldwide from May 1st. Selected locations will also feature a capsule of shoes entitled Paris, and consisting of five women’s and three men’s styles.

Louboutin Australia
Cabaraparis by Christian Louboutin © Christian Louboutin Australia

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