Champagne Pommery announces the 2020 Edition of its World Collection

Leading Champagne House Maison Pommery is delighted to introduce its highly anticipated 2020 WORLD
COLLECTION. Following successful trips to India, Australia, South America and Japan, the brand is thrilled to
reveal that its next design venture will be travelling to AFRICA.

The WAX Champagne Limited World Collection

The 2020 offering, titled WAX, pays homage to the world’s second largest continent and its traditional and inspiring wax prints. The bespoke range features three limited edition multicoloured gift box designs that showcase the cheerful and coloured motives of wax prints, a true hallmark of African culture and fabrics.

The House is famously renowned for creating the ‘BRUT' style of Champagne in 1874 under the reigns of Madame Pommery. The Cuvées available in the WAX range include a Brut Royal, Brut Rosé and the most recent creation of the House; Brut Apanage Blanc de Blancs.

  • Pommery Brut Royal NV is composed of 40 crus and a traditional Champagne blend – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. On the nose it is vivid and fresh with notes of citrus fruits - the perfect drop to commence the festive season.

  • Pommery Brut Rosé NV adds a touch of Bouzy Grand Cru Pinot Noir resulting in a pale pink and very delicate Rosé.

  • Pommery Apanage Blanc de Blancs NV is 100% Chardonnay - utterly elegant, fresh and complex.

The House has possessed an international orientation since it was founded by Madame Pommery in 1836. The inspiring businesswoman famously named the galleries of her Cellars in Reims after the major cities around the world, once her Champagnes had reached those markets.

The WORLD COLLECTION was developed to universally celebrate the art of travelling. 2020 may have postponed many travel plans, however thanks to the specially curated range you can be inspired to imagine your overseas adventure, all whilst sipping on a delightful glass of Champagne (External link) !

The 2020 WAX limited edition range will be exclusively available through Qantas Wine (External link) , followed by all major stockists from December. The previous limited edition (Japan with Hokusai and Hanami) is currently available through most stockists. Additional details available on request.

Pommery Champagne


Vranken-Pommery Australia is the local subsidiary of the French group Vranken-Pommery Monopole. It forms part of an integral pillar within the global market. As the largest winemaker in Europe and second largest in Champagne, Vranken-Pommery Monopole is renowned for its premium offering. The international portfolio boasts winemaking properties across Champagne, Provence, Camargue, the Douro, the UK and California.


Vranken-Pommery Monopole is globally distinguished for its organic and biodynamic winegrowing techniques. Its commitment to sustainable practice is evident in the receival of multiple highly acclaimed sustainability awards, including the double label Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne and the High Environmental Value
Vranken-Pommery Monopole regards nature as its greatest source of inspiration and is committed to its environmental pledge to invest in new technologies to lead the industry in sustainability. The Neptune project runs across all of the vineyards and ensures that the best practise is used in preserving water to avoid waste in the face of the climate crisis.


The shining jewel in the Vranken-Pommery Monopole crown is Champagne Pommery. The Champagne House was pioneered by one woman, a woman that many would consider ahead of her time – Madame Pommery. Her husband founded Champagne Pommery in 1836. Following his death Madame Pommery took over the reins and this is when the true essence of Pommery was born.
Madame Pommery’s strategic plan, coupled with her determination, saw her align with brilliant industry players who helped propel Champagne Pommery into more than 130 global markets. The savvy businesswoman realised early in her endeavours that there was a gap in the market: European and British upper-class society were generally straying away from sugar-dense champagne. This knowledge opened a
pathway that saw Madame Pommery launch the world’s first Brut Champagne in 1874.


The Champagne Pommery Estate, located in the heart of Reims (External link) , is a stunning property that spans over 50 lush hectares - this is the equivalent of the Louvre, the Tuileries, and the Place de la Concorde combined. The Elizabethan neo-Gothic style buildings full of turrets, crenelations and perfectly manicured gardens are just as fascinating to tourists as they are to art and architecture historians. The property includes 25 hectares of unique walled vineyards titled Les Clos de Pompadour which have produced exceptional vintages of the same name.


The Champagne Pommery House in Reims is widely considered as a prodigious metamorphosis. It features 18km of galleries hollowed out into the chalk cellars that house over 20 million bottles of Champagne, 30m below ground. The architectural highlight of the cellars is the legendary staircase that features 116 steps leading down to the Pommery treasure. The Estate is considered a grandeur to the global arts industry. Since 2003, the #ExperiencePommery exhibitions have welcomed more than 400 artists from the international contemporary scene to present their art works in the cellars. This commitment to support creation is a central component of the company's culture. Renowned artists such as Olivier Strebelle, Choi Jeong Hwa, Olivier Kosta and Australian
Brook Andrew have featured amongst many others.


The extensive Champagne Pommery range is nothing short of exceptional. The core offering includes the Brut Royal, Brut Rosé, Brut Apanage, Apanage Blanc de Blancs, Blue Sky, POP, Grand Cru as well as prestige cuvées Clos de Pompadour and Cuvée Louise. Each year Champagne Pommery launches limited edition series,
including the highly acclaimed World Collection.

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