The Paris Region loves its Australian visitors!

Strolls that are perfect for lovers, exceptional restaurants, evenings spent with that special someone... there is certainly no shortage of perfect spots in which to enjoy some unforgettable romantic moments in Paris and its region!

Here are 5 great ideas for a romantic rendezvous that are tried and tested, and which you can recommend to your clients.

Whoever said that walls were invented to keep us apart? The wall at Je T’aime is all about love and showcases the most beautiful declarations of affection written in every language imaginable…Whenever they stop off in the « City of Love », lovers should definitely make a detour to visit the Je T’aime wall (External link) !

Mur des Je t'Aime
Mur des Je t’aime : CRT IDF/Ooshot/Capelle-Tourn

Surprise that special someone by declaring your love in a truly original way; take a drive, just the two of you, aboard a vintage Citroen 2CV thanks to 4 Roues Sous Un Parapluie (External link) . Chaperoned by your own personal chauffeur, explore the streets of Paris on a romantic escapade.

2 CV : CRT IDF/ATF/Liiinks/Quincy

If you only take one stroll when visiting Paris, make sure it’s along the banks of the Rover Seine…
Seine boat cruises also offer an ideal setting for lovers.

Come and enjoy a romantic lunch aboard a boat that is 100% electric; Ducasse sur Seine (External link) by multi-Michelin star Chef Alain Ducasse. Boarding is imminent for anyone who loves refined and contemporary cuisine.

What could be more romantic than strolling hand in hand through the gardens of the Château de Versailles (External link) ? Visit this sumptuous palace before setting off towards the Petit Trianon. This charming little château was gifted by Louis XVI to his wife, Marie Antoinette. It’s the perfect spot for enjoying a few stolen kisses…then you can surprise your partner with a visit to the Versailles Equestrian Academy (External link) , housed within the stables of the Château de Versailles, where you can take in an outstanding display of equestrianism!

Carrousel Académie équestre - Appawoosa
Académie équestre de Versailles crédit : AppaWoosa

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We hope you enjoyed our 5 romantic suggestions and we look forward to welcoming back you and your clients to the Paris Region!

Lanika LEGER
Promotions Manager at the Paris Region Tourist Board
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