Thierry Marx Opens "La Boulangerie"

When you think of Thierry Marx, you picture the kitchens of the highest-class gourmet restaurants on the planet. But today, with the opening of La Boulangerie in Paris, he trades in his renowned chef’s hat - for a baker’s bonnet.

Thierry Max is loud and clear: in his mind, bread is undeniably “the first ingredient of French cuisine.” For this reason, the celebrated chef—who has had a passion for baking since childhood—now fervently wishes to combine the gourmet, the everyday, and the art of making bread.

Suffice it to say that sandwiches will reign supreme in the windows of La Boulangerie, located in the chic 8th arrondissement of Paris.

But your efforts will be in vein if you try to find a traditional French jambon beurre. At Thierry Marx’s new establishment, you can taste the art of the sandwich, the fusion cuisine version. For example, the “bread maki,” a sort of club sandwich sushi roll, creates a culinary link between Marx’s numerous trips to Asia and French fare.

Organic Dishes and Bread Maki

The result ? A remarkable combination of textures that takes the traditional sandwich to the next level. This is also an opportunity for Marx, a pioneer of molecular cuisine in France, to affirm his desire to help local food production and organic agriculture.

Three types of bread maki are on the menu:

  • The Saleya, made with the same ingredients as a Niçoise salad
  • The Meatpacking, stuffed with pastrami
  • The Tsukiji, where king prawns, avocado, and grapefruit are rolled up in bread to create a "bread maki."

Beyond Thierry Marx’s signature sandwiches, La Boulangerie also has a range of breads, viennoiseries, and pastries, all stemming from the gustatory heritage of French gourmet cuisine.

Vintage Décor with… Scooters!

The boutique is bathed in a bright, vintage ambiance from the moment you walk in the door. The combination of leather, copper, wood, and glass come together to create a convivial atmosphere. In terms of comfort, you’ll be able to enjoy your bread maki on the soft, welcoming seats… of scooters! A charming nod to Thierry Marx’s globetrotting spirit.


La Boulangerie Thierry Marx
51 rue de Laborde
75008 Paris


51 rue de Laborde, 75008 Paris