The romantic Paris of Méryl and Maxime

Blogger Méryl Denis and her fiancé Maxime Velly travel around the world most of the year—but, they enjoy coming back to Paris all the more to enjoy the city as lovers. Between the small cafés, the Place Vendôme, the Tuileries, the banks of the Seine or the rooftops of Paris, follow them in their favorite romantic spots of the capital. For a weekend for two, there's love in the air in Paris!

The cafés of Paris

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City of love ♡

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Where would Paris be without its cafés and brasseries? On every street corner, the ambiences vary, but the conviviality, the bistro tables, the cane chairs, and the typical shopfronts display the spirit of Parisian life. Whatever the neighborhood (here, Méryl and Maxime are not far from the Eiffel Tower), a "petit crème" coffee break or a glass of wine is an essential step in the art of living in Paris. Be sure to take the time to whisper a few words of love in your fellow traveler's ear!

Dance on the roofs of Paris

Voulez-vous danser avec moi, ce soir? Méryl and Maxime waltz over the rooftops of Paris, under the gaze of the Eiffel Tower. Known throughout the world, the panorama on the zinc roofs of Paris is the most romantic view in the most romantic city on Earth! It's not always easy to reach the top (by the way, we don't recommend playing tightrope walkers to get up there, even to declare your love to your loved one) but there's always a rooftop or a terrace with a breathtaking view to amaze your loved one.

Luxury in Place Vendôme

Designed at the request of Louis XIV, then embellished with a huge bronze column by Napoleon, the Place Vendôme is one of the must-see stops for lovers of luxury in Paris—and for lovers in general! The Ritz and the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme are located there alongside the world's most prominent jewelers. And the Louis Vuitton boutique is not far away, at the corner of the famous rue Saint-Honoré. It's a great place to go on a shopping spree or to dream during a window-shopping session.

Beautiful days in the Tuileries

As soon as the temperature rises, Paris is full of places to sit down one on one, to enjoy the sweetness of the evening at sunset. One of the best spots for that is the lakefront of the Jardin des Tuileries, a stone's throw from the Louvre. Méryl and Maxime come here to chat, seated in the omnipresent metal chairs of the green spaces in the heart of Paris. They can also be found in the Jardin du Luxembourg in the Latin Quarter, which has earned them the nickname "fauteuils Luxembourg" ("Luxembourg armchairs"). Trop parisien!

Picnic at the foot of the Eiffel Tower

The top of the list of Parisian pleasures: the spring and summer picnic at the foot of monuments or along the Seine. Good wine, cheese, a soft and crispy baguette, some fruit and a lifelong memory is made. The most difficult thing is to choose your dream spot: this time, Méry and Maxime threw their tablecloth a stone's throw from the [Eiffel Tower].

The Seine and its bridges

Did you know that Paris has 37 bridges spanning the Seine? Today day, Méryl and Maxime choose the Pont Marie, one of the oldest in the capital. Here, in the heart of historic Paris, between the Ile Saint-Louis and the Quai de l'Hôtel de Ville, you can feel the good vibes of all the loving couples that have gone before you. Ah, l'amour!

Getting to Paris