Here’s why you MUST visit the Eiffel Tower in 2019

130 years after its inauguration at the 1889 World Fair, the Eiffel Tower is more than ever a must-see monument in Paris! From concerts and exhibitions to the transformed gardens and new restaurants by Thierry Marx and Frédéric Anton, here are some good reasons to (re)discover the many facets of this inimitable Parisian symbol.

On the hunt for the Eiffel Tower’s secret dossier

From 30 March for the rest of the year, visitors can learn the secrets of the Eiffel workshops in an Adventure Game, taking them on the trail of numerous clues scattered between the gardens and the first floor. Visitors big and small will enjoy this fun and original experience, enhanced with flash codes and YouTube links for an ultra informative visit.

Savour French excellence on all floors

A must-see monument in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is also a must for foodie reasons. You’ll be tempted by delicious cuisine on all floors, executed with the inimitable French excellence. From the pop-up kiosks on the ground to the gourmet ‘Jules Verne’, Thierry Marx brewery and top-floor champagne bar, there’s a vast variety of food and drink to enjoy at this iconic place in the City of Light.

Get a new perspective from the new gardens

The arrival of spring is the ideal opportunity to (re)discover the two hectares of classified wooded areas that surround the Eiffel Tower. You’ll have a new look at the Eiffel Tower, through new perspectives made possible by optimizing the surrounding vegetation. With century-old trees, some 2,000 shrubs and 20,000 perennials, the gardens of the Eiffel Tower invite visitors to a romantic stroll to enjoy a haven of peace in the heart of Paris!

Admire the view from the summer terrace

A place to relax and socialise, the summer terrace on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower is the must-have rooftop for visitors and Parisians looking for height. With décor changed each year, the terrace offers a breathtaking view of the Champs de Mars. The bravest can climb the 345 steps to this 57m-high haven – and as a reward, admire the view while sipping a cold drink or enjoying a snack. Bliss!

Enjoy an ever-changing programme of events

The Eiffel Tower has been the scene of many events since the 1980s. On the programme are eclectic events such as light shows, fun trails, spectacular concerts and exhibitions that dazzle its 7 million annual visitors. No mean feat for the Iron Lady, which is constantly developed to offer an ever more enjoyable experience, whether you’re up on its floors or watching from beneath.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris