Top 10 best things to do in Tahiti

Fancy a visit to The Islands of Tahiti? Turquoise waters, swimming with rays and (docile) sharks, hiking high mountains with a lagoon in the background… We put together 10 must-do experiences when travelling next to our island paradise. Check them out!

Motu Picnic: A picnic on your own private beach

Grab a canoe, a bottle of French wine and baguette from the local supermarket and head ton out to your own slice of heaven for the day.

Stay with the Locals

It’s fun and affordable, plus it’s a great way to get to know the locals (External link) . The stunning locations and authentic Tahitian experience will leave a lasting impression.

Have a swim with the local Stingrays and docile reef Sharks

Grab a snorkel and fins and follow your Tahitian guides into the shallows for this once in a lifetime experience. More info here (External link) .

Buy a Black Pearl

Visit a pearl farm and see how these stunning gems are cultivated. Pearls (External link) are a symbol of elegance and beauty throughout the world and will be an everlasting souvenir.

Treat yourself to an Overwater Bungalow

This could be the view from your overwater bungalow (External link) in Bora Bora…

Even if you’ve had your honeymoon, this is a must. Wake-up invigorated, listening to the calming sound of waves lapping at your private deck.

Enjoy Traditional Cuisine in the Roulottes

Cheap way of discovering the local cuisine (External link) . Famous in Papeete, you will find colourful food trucks called Les Roulottes. They’re great places to sit and eat in front of the multi-coloured sunset.

Surf the Legendary Break

The renowned Teahupoo (External link) reef break is a massive left tube, which attracts the world’s best surfers every year for the Billabong Pro.

Pam per yourself & Enjoy a Traditional Polynesian treatment

Beauticians create luxurious massage oils, scrubs & body wraps using natural products – papaya, coconut and the unique perfume of Tiare flower.

Take a 4 x 4 excursion and Explore the islands

A local guide can show you the backbone of Tahiti: its beautiful and friendly locals. Learn about their fascinating archaeological sites, rich culture and symbolic tattoos.

Sunnier Days Ahead in The Islands of Tahiti

Until we can welcome you again know that our spirit of Mana is waiting for you. The Islands of Tahiti welcomes you to explore the islands through our virtual series. We bring you our stories of life in our island paradise. You can join us to plant coral, learn Polynesian dance, or go for a virtual hike:

KEEP DREAMING (External link)