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Peace on a Paris rooftop

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The 5-minute essential guide to French lavender

Mystery and magic potion

Hide and seek among Brittany’s megaliths

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Escape winter with this breathtaking underwater activity in Tahiti like swimming with whales

5-minute guides

The 5-minute essential guide to the Santiago de Compostela trails

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10 magical huts that’ll have you sleeping in the trees

Divine diving

New Caledonia: learn it like a fish in 6 lessons

Another view on the sea

Maia Flore’s marine poetry

Holidays by foot, by kayak or dug-out canoe

A family trip to meet the wild seals of the Baie de Somme

Sea depths magic

Behind the scenes of the new Nausicaà, we’ve tested the experience... and it's amazing!


Grand Nausicaá: what awaits you at the largest aquarium in Europe

Climb the highest sand dune in Europe

Eight beautiful reasons to explore the Bay of Arcachon


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5 experiences in Tarn that will take you back in time


Corsica's Great Outdoors


The Grand Depart of the Tour de France in Pays de la Loire


5 active challenges to tackle in Brittany this year


EDEN 2017 winner: The Centre Historique Minier, Lewarde


The islands of Guadeloupe: what to do, what to see…


Capturing the sea in Normandy

Art and craft

The Pyrenees National Park in France


Welcome to Auvergne - Rhone Alpes in south east of France

Spa and wellbeing

Spa destinations and hotels in France in Bordeaux, Paris, Biarritz, Auvergne, Loire Valley

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Explore Regional France with French Travel Connection

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Itinerary from Aubagne to La Ciotat all the way to Cassis in the South of France


Explore these 5 top sailing and cruise destinations in France


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Brittany : France’s natural Celtic flavor


Visit Quiberon in Brittany